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Q. What is the PlayLocker?
A. The PlayLocker is an online service provided by PlayLocker, LLC that allows you to back up (sync) and seamlessly share your plays, formations and game plans with others via the PlayLocker Apps.

Q. What are the PlayLocker Apps?
A. The PlayLocker Apps currently consist of PlayLocker Basketball and PlayLocker Football for basketball and football respectively. For more information, please visit the Apps page.

Q. What can I do with a PlayLocker Account?
A. PlayLocker Accounts are free and allow you to sync your plays between any device that you own. So, if you have PlayLocker Basketball or PlayLocker Football on your iPad and iPhone and are editing or creating any new plays, the next time you open the other device, the play will be updated. You can also receive any plays, formations and game plans shared from other PlayLocker members.

In addition to the sync features, a PlayLocker Account enables you to share your plays, formations and game plans with others. So, if you have created a new play, or game plan for tomorrow’s game, you can share the play with your teammates and the next time they open up the PlayLocker Basketball or PlayLocker Football, it will automatically be downloaded to them. Also, any changes made to existing plays, formations or game plans that you have shared will also be updated.

To sign up, create an account from within the PlayLocker Football or PlayLocker Basketball app.

Q. What’s the difference between using iCloud or PlayLocker to sync my files?
A.  iCloud is a service run by Apple that limits users to only being able to access their own files. It does not allow you to share your files with anyone else. With PlayLocker you can share any of your files with any one else who also has a PlayLocker Account.

Q. How is file sharing different using the PlayLocker service compared to emailing?
A. Although emailing plays and formations is possible within the PlayLocker Apps, any time that you make changes you will need to send out the update again and again. PlayLocker takes care of this for you by seamlessly updating shared files whenever the app is opened. PlayLocker Members can also choose to receive push notifications as well as email notifications whenever a file has been shared with them. Also, sharing of game plans is only enabled with a PlayLocker Account.

Q. That’s all great, now, how do I sign up?
A. Download PlayLocker Football or PlayLocker Basketball from the Apple iTunes App Store and sign up for an account from within the app.

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