PlayLocker Football

Now available for iOS, on the App Store!


PlayLocker Football puts the flexibility of a whiteboard and power of a computer in your hands. Jot down your ideas to find the whole in your opponent’s defense. Create drills to practice the fundamentals. And, animate your plays to help your players visualize where they need to be on the field.

Drawing Highlights
- Draw fully animatable step-by-step plays and drills
- Zoom in/out to get perfect placement of your players
- Choose from several different court backgrounds and sizes (30 Yards, Goal Line, Red Zone, Kick Off, Clear Field)
- Choose from 4 different player shapes (Circle (O), Square, Triangle, X)
- Choose from 12 different player colors
- Place an unlimited number of Players, Balls, Cones and Notes on each play
- Create plays quickly with the built-in Formations, or from a Formation of your own

Drawing in Action


Once you have your plays ready, start planning for the game day with custom Game Plans. Simply create your categories and add the plays you want to for each category. When game day arrives, you’ll be ready and confident that you’ll be able to call the right play for the right situation.

Planning Highlights
- Create unlimited custom Categories and add an unlimited number of plays to each Category
- Category headers can be custom colored to more quickly find them
- Collapse the Categories you don’t need at the time, and Expand the ones you want to focus on

Planning in Action


Make full use of your mobile whiteboard (iPad/iPhone) by sharing your Game Plan and Plays with your players and staff (requires a FREE PlayLocker membership). By sharing your Game Plans and Plays before the game, everyone will be on the same page and prepped when the time comes.

Sharing Highlights
– Share Plays and Formations to other PlayLocker Football app owners via email
- Share Game Plans, Plays and Formations to other PlayLocker Football app owners via PlayLocker
- Print Plays and Formations via AirPrint (Requires in-app purchase)
- Receive updated Game Plans, Plays and Formations in real-time
- Be notified via Push Notifications of any newly shared Game Plans, Plays and Formations with you

Note: Sharing features require a free PlayLocker account

Sharing in Action


PlayLocker Football (iPhone) - Main Menu PlayLocker Football (iPhone) - Game Plan PlayLocker Football (iPhone) - Inside Run Play

PlayLocker Football (iPad) - Main Menu PlayLocker Football (iPad) - Game Plan PlayLocker Football (iPad) - Inside Run Play

Get it now for iOS on the App Store!

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