PlayLocker, LLC is a sports technology company focused on delivering high quality, easy to use applications that meld mobile and web technologies for coaches and players. The PlayLocker Apps and PlayLocker service are only the first step into the world of personalized digitized data and enhanced collaboration among teams. Keep an eye on us, because there’s a lot more to come!

PlayLocker History

October 2012 – PlayLocker Basketball becomes available in the iTunes App Store.

September 2012 – PlayLocker Football is featured in Popular Science’s October 2012 issue as an app to help the casual football player “Play Backyard Football like a Pro”.

August 2012 – PlayLocker Football becomes available in the iTunes App Store

May 2012 - Rebuilt from the ground up, PlayLocker Football entered private beta. The PlayLocker service was also made available for users to sync and share their plays, formations and game plans (private beta).

July 2011 – PlayLocker, LLC was formed.

August 2010 – PlaybookFootball released to the App Store. Before being discontinued, it has become one of the most popular football play diagramming apps available for the iPad and iPhone. As of July 2012, the app holds a 3.5/5 star rating (of 49 reviews) on the App Store with 20 5 star reviews.

April 2010 – On the opening of iPad App Store, PlaybookBball version 1.0 was released to the public. The app received great initial reviews and as of July 2012 holds a 4/5 star rating (of 91 reviews) on the App Store, with 49 5 star reviews. The app was also named “The Best App for Drawing Up Plays” in late 2010 by Peter Meyer’s “Best iPad Apps”, published by O’Reilly.

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