New Features – Flip and Overlay Play for PlayLocker Apps

The most recent update to PlayLocker Basketball (v. 1.0.1) and PlayLocker Football (v. 1.0.6), has introduced two highly requested features: Flip Play and Overlay Play.

Flip Play

To Flip a play, open the play and make sure the play is UNLOCKED for editing. Then tap the “flip”  icon. For basketball, this will flip the play in relation to the basket. For football, this will flip the play in around the center. This feature will enabled coaches to quickly show how their play can be run from the opposite side.

Overlay Play

To Overlay a play open the play and make sure the play is LOCKED for editing. Then tap the “overlay”  icon. This will display all of the steps on a single view. Note that this will also hide any notes that have been created for the play.


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