Screenshots of PlayLocker Basketball

Have you been eagerly awaiting the latest and greatest in play making software? Well, the wait is almost over! We’ve got the first screenshots of PlayLocker Basketball ready to go.

What makes PlayLocker Basketball different than PlaybookBball? PlayLocker Basketball has been rebuilt from the ground up and takes the lessons learned from PlaybookBball to improve the user experience. We’ve incorporated many of our customer requests, cleaned up the user interface, and even added a new features here and there. The app supports multiple balls for drawing practice drills, it also allows plays to continue indefinitely, to draw follow-ups and rebounding. Additionally, PlayLocker Basketball features a new sharing interface that will push plays to your fellow coaches and players with just a few touches!

Over the the next few days we’ll be putting together some demo videos of the app, for you to whet your teeth on. We’re excited to have PlayLocker Basketball ready, and we hope you are too!

PlayLocker Basketball Play - 1-4 Stack LowPlayLocker Basketball Play - 53

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